Are there any accountants in the UK who can resolve Amazon VAT issues for non-UK residents?


Are there any solutions other than adding a UK director after receiving a VAT email from Amazon?


Another solution is to pay the vat that Amazon demands you to pay. Do you have a lot to pay?

No solution right now.

We have sales of 4700 on our account. Can we add a UK director after receiving this email or what other possible solution is there to tackle this issue?

With sales of £4,700, you owe only £783 to Amazon, which can be paid in installments. There are only two solutions: either pay your due VAT, or add a UK resident as a second director in your company. And yes, you can add a director after receiving this notice; Amazon doesn’t check the dates.

There is a solution that my friend used to successfully resolve that issue. He added one of his friends living in the UK (PSW Visa) to the payroll in his company with the help of an accountant. The accountant generated 2-3 months’ salary slips (£250 each). They then gave all these payslips, along with the representative’s passport documents and driving license, to Amazon as proof that one representative of the company is living in the UK. Amazon successfully verified the account as a UK established business.