Are shopping sites like "Ali Express", "Wish" & now "Temu" affecting your Amazon business?

Am I the only one thinking that sales are going downhill due to Chinese platforms becoming more popular?

Not really. I don’t think these 3 can be direct or indirect competitors to amazon right now.


Not at all.

Amazon has its own buyer trust and community.

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No because many know their products are low quality

Well, that is a hard question to answer.

I can say that in my opinion they are giving favor to APAC sellers. It does appear that USA sellers are being attacked by the platform operator, that is also in addition too the shenanigans that competitors pull as a buyer of your product.

Highly doubt the APAC sellers are paying any thing close to the same fees as USA sellers. That in its self is an issue that should be addressed and the clear fact NONE are paying FEDERAL and STATE taxes.

Resources that you are paying for with your tax dollars is being used by your non-USA located competitors for FREE…
If you did not have to pay 40% of your profit in tax you could lower your price, see where this is going.

I know this is not the answer you are looking for.
Keep in mind Ali has some newer shipping logistics models that are getting product to the buyers in the USA much sooner than amazon’s FREE shipping. So in that space, yes they are pulling customers, you don’t need a mountain of data to make a valid assumption on that one. The other two, never used them.


They are only popular among buyers who are willing to wait 2 months to receive their order. American customers are used to hassle-free returns, fast shipping and perfect customer service.

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I have seen this exact question asked many times. The thing is that sites like Aliexpress, Wish or Tamu are attracting a specific category of buyers - mainly young people who are looking for latest trends at the lowest price and are willing to settle for cheaper quality, lengthy delivery time or no returns permitted policy.

Amazon customers are the most entitled Karens who are expecting delivery in no time, returnless refunds in case of any complaint or issue and this is something they won’t find elsewhere.

I am not feeling the competitions from these sites in any way.

However, my main problem is that the Chinese sites keep making copies of my products and then selling them at 1/10 of the price, which is obviously affecting my sales, as my customers are mainly young people who are now able to find the Chinese knockoffs.

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