Approved PPC campaign, 0 impressions


I have recently tried setting up a PPC campaign for a product but I am getting 0 impressions.

I am a new seller (account is 2 months old), I have the buy box because it is a unique product that I’ve listed and the campaign status is “delivering”.

I have tried setting up campaigns with both manual and automatic keywords and both are producing 0 impressions. I am also bidding way above the suggested amount.

The product is a set of neckties.

If you know why this is the case please let me know.

Thank you.

We have similar issues. It seems the Amazon advertising algorithm only likes products that already have a good sales history and lots of reviews. So we can have an established and successful product and a new product on the same campaign using the same keywords. The established product will be getting 1000s of impressions, the new product very few if any at all.

It’s very difficult to get new products off the ground on Amazon now. Unless you are selling a well known brand you basically have to give it away and be prepared to make a loss on a new product for the first few months to break through the product rankings.