Approval struggle

Hi everyone!

I have just started with amazon and have few questions.

  1. I found the product and wanted to see if amazon will approve it. But apparently you need to upload invoice with all info on it. So first i have to buy the product then ask for approval? but what if after purchasing it wont be approved?

  2. I have provided invoice from supplier it has all information but doent have supplier address, amazon rejected application. Can i request supplier to provide me with invoice with their address or how can i get this document for amazon?

Thank you

1, Yes, it’s common to purchase the product first and then seek Amazon’s approval.

2, If your initial invoice doesn’t have the supplier’s address, you can request a new invoice from your supplier that includes their address. Amazon typically requires invoices with complete supplier details for product approval.

Purchase product, request invoice with supplier’s address, then apply for approval with complete documentation. If rejected, work with the supplier to update the invoice.

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