Apply now! 7 weeks left before Qualified Invoice Retention System starts

Announcement reposted from Amazon:

We have less than 7 weeks before the Qualified Invoice Retention System will come into effect on October 1, 2023, regarding the Japanese consumption tax. Please make sure to submit your consumption tax number on Seller Central before September 30.

Once this new system comes into effect, many business customers may choose JCT-qualified sellers, because in order for those customers to claim a tax deduction, an invoice must have the JCT number printed on it.

We help business customers find JCT-qualified products via a JCT badge and search refinements, as well as a “guided buying” function that prevents products that aren’t JCT-qualified from being shown.

We have been issuing invoices to business customers and sole proprietorships on behalf of sellers and will start showing the JCT number on the invoices only for the sellers who have provided their number on Seller Central.

You can provide your JCT number on the tax settings page. (If you’re a duty-free seller, choose “No” in the settings.)

Getting a JCT number takes about three weeks if you submit an e-Tax application and about two months if you submit a paper application, according to the National Tax Agency. Last-minute applications may take longer, so we recommend that you apply as soon as possible.

To help you understand this system, we hold regular webinars with the participation of a tax agency adviser:

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We also recommend that you consult your tax accountant and tax adviser to confirm if you are a tax-obligated business in Japan. The guidance provided by Amazon is for informational purposes only and is not intended to substitute for tax advice.

You can check the Amazon Service Provider Network to find a tax accountant to assist you:

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To learn more, watch our Seller University video:

Entering Your JCT Number

To review the guidelines and learn more about this new system and how it may affect your business, go to the following help pages:

Important: The information provided in this notice does not constitute and is not intended to constitute legal advice, including tax law. Please check with the National Tax Agency, your company’s tax adviser, and your tax accountant for further details or questions regarding this new system.