Application to Sell the Product - Why do I have to do it again?


I have applied to sell food supplements on Amazon and have been accepted some time ago.
Since then I have invested in sponsored products, had some interest and sales.

Today I discovered that 3/4 of my listings are inactive - just like that, no email, no information, nothing.
I checked - the system shows I have to apply to be able to sell in this category.

I already went through verification process, I have been approved and made some sales.

Whi is this happening? Why some products of the same category have not been deactivated and some were?

Amazon is not accepting any applications for the category I am selling in.
I have tens of thousands of pounds stranded in an Amazon warehouse and no way to even edit the listings.

Somebody please help as agents are not only rude over the phone but also pretty useless via email.

Create a removal order and liquidate the inventory. you have only this option available.

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