APPEAL - Rescticted product violation

Hello friends,
we have another Rectricted Product Violation but this time we want to appeal it because we beleive that we can save our product, because it is from our own brand.

Here we add the primary reason for violation:

The sale of medicines by function or medicines by presentation that are not authorized in Germany or are prescription-only medicines, is not allowed on Please visit our Seller Support pages for more information: أمازون As well as أمازون We leveraged a combination of automated means to identify this issue and to make this decision.

When we go to AH menu, and press SUBMIT APPEAL we have this option:

In reason for appal (REQUIRED) we have to explain how our listing DO NOT violate Restricted product policy. We have never write something like this and we do not know how this explanation should look like.

Like PoA or just a single sentence ?

Also we do not know is it necessary to delete the item from our inventory, at this moment it is with 0 quantity but there are 50 units INBOUND

In this time, we update our product detail page, removing the sentes that cause this violation and save it.

Any help and advice is helpful. Thank you in advance

Hello @zennerr,

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with restricted products. Unfortunately, these are quite strictly policed in the EU, especially in Germany. If you are selling any medical devices or dietary supplements, these will require very strong certification and proof of compliance.

It’s difficult to imagine an average private label seller launching their small brand and having everything ready.

First of all, you need to provide more information about the product and then let me know what exactly Amazon states triggered the restriction.

Any appeal will require medical statements / evidence and certification compliance documents.

It is an ointment, we believe that when we write the title of the product we use restricted phrases and amazon decide that this is a medicine product.
We prepare CPNP certificate of the product, also we update the detal page of the product and we will sent it asap.

When we have information i will immediatelly inform you here.

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It would be helpful if you provided more information, such as the title, bullet points, description and image of the product so I can better advise.

I recommend that you should be very careful about anything you mention in your listing, because these days any words that indicate health claims etc can get your listings taken down.

Someone inserted the word “for girls” into the titles of jewelry (regular necklaces / pendants for women) and the listings were restricted asking for children’s toys certificates…

Can I sent this information in a PM to you ? and if we find a solution i am agree tot post it in public ?