Anyone making use of TikTok shop as an Amazon seller on FBA?

Any experiences / recommendations would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

No. If you want to work on TTS you can work as a Drop shipping or as a FBM Module.

It’s essentially an FBM listing within TikTok. They have their own Buy Shipping feature. Everything is pretty straight forward and done through the shop in regards to shipping, influencer commissions etc. They also have different promotion events that you can run with discounts, free shipping, video contests etc.

The most painful part is listing your product. Somehow they found a way to make it more painful to list items than Walmart because there’s no templates :rofl:


Nah. I can tell you for experience, nothing could be worse than Walmart. :grin:


Yes, I am handling 2 accounts where we are selling same products on TikTok and on Amazon. Inventory is in Amazon wearhouse so for Amazon orders, it’s FBA and for TikTok orders it’s MCF. And it’s completely safe. Even profit margin in TikTok orders is high because there is no need to run paid ads. That’s how this whole process works!


That’s amazing!

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Yes it’s great opportunity to grab for now because of low competition otherwise you are leaving huge profit on table !