Anyone here selling Amazon Europe Market (UK & Germany) on a US LLC based account?

Can we sign up directly on Amazon Europe Market on US LLC details if we only want to sell in Europe or do we need to create an account first on .com and then expand to Europe through selling globally??

And which documents are required to get UK and German VAT on US LLC details??

Why are u setting up a US company to sell in Germany. Your last was massively inaccurate. I strongly urge you to speak to an accountant

You didn’t get my point, not the US company to sell in Germany but already have a US company and amazon seller account in the US. Now I want to expand in the UK and EU Markets that’s why I need UK and German VAT. For this which documents and verifications are required.

USA 67% and all Europe is 33% market .its much better to focus usa markets.

US Market isn’t worth it anymore. Account suspensions and deactivations are 95% there. Already selling in the USA since 2020 now want to explore other Markets as the UK and Germany are going well.

u reckon amazon just doesn’t suspend UK accounts.