Anybody know the contact number for seller customer service?

I cannot find the number in Seller Central

You can contact with support team from your seller central.

Other option is to get their contact information from google.

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You won’t find a number anymore

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Hi @Raggarty,

There isn’t a number to contact Seller Support. When you open a case, you can request a callback, which happens rather quickly.

Seller Central > Help > Describe the issue. Then follow the prompts.

However, I always deal with them in writing. If I speak to them on the phone I document the the conversation back into the case.


What are the waiting times till you get to speak to someone? Is it a real human or a bot?


Hi @Raggarty

When they want to talk to me, the callback is immediate.

You will get to speak with a real human. They are most likely located in India. My problem with that? I just can’t understand the dialect.

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