Any tips for more sales?

Buy more fast selling items. Make sure u are getting the buybox.


It really depends, there’s several ways. The first way is PPC, but you need reviews and you need to know what keywords to target.

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1- If you have good visibility but conversion is very low then optimize your campaigns (more specific), make sure the listing is optimize, should have positive reviews atleast 20 and price could be competitive

2- If you have low visibility then you need to work on the organic, sponsored and external traffic first

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Do keyword research using Helium 10 and add those high volume keywords in your Title, bullet, description, and even in your Images. This will make ur product visible. Ask some friends and family as well to buy ur product to drive traffic but don’t ask for reviews as it will violate Amazon policies. Wishing you success!

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It is fine optimizing keywords, years ago that was the key. Now amazon and ebay are both using “AI” to throttle back sellers. So, it does not matter how much time and effort anyone puts into the listing nothing will set you apart from the others. 100 sellers and everyone will sell 1 item for the 30 day period.

Test it your self on ebay, lower your price so you pick up some sales then watch your listing move further and further down the page. Its bad, they even have you in a bubble when you are logged in and still demote your listing.

Best bet is a huge 100,000++ online arbitrage catalog and let the AI “share the wealth” on you too. No point in being different, better service, extremely good product video. Its all a total waste of time and money since they will smoother you out.


Thank you so much, everyone, for your valuable comments and suggestions.

The market for my product is highly competitive, and the demand is significant. In order to improve my chances of success, I’m looking for some helpful YouTube videos or tutorials that can provide insights on boosting sales and driving more traffic to my Amazon listing.

If any of you have come across informative videos or tutorials that have helped you in a similar situation, please share the links in the comments below :slight_smile:


@skeeter Exactly. The only way to get to the 1st page these days is ads or really low price because every other seller is also “optimizing” their listing with the same 20 keywords.

Unfortunately the market is saturated beyond repair for the average seller.


You just have to keep listing products and updating the detail page until customers find that one thing you sell that they really like.


I think you should first optimize your listing well.
Then you have to keep your price lower than the price of the competitor.
Your product sales may also be decreasing due to product demand


You have to make the product visible, first make sure listing and images are good, then check if the price point is competitive, then run some basic campaigns, target 2 or 3 of the close competitors and the 2 main keywords. Try an auto with low bids and build up.


Are you ranked 1-5 on the top keywords?

Success on Amazon comes down to three

  1. ranking

  2. CTR

  3. conversion percentage

You are lacking in one if not all of these categories that is why your sales are struggling

Feel free to reach out if you have questions or need more clarification happy to help

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I’d also suggest optimising your listing, product photos are arguably the most important thing since buyers look at these first. Tools like can be used to create lifestyle photos with your products using AI including photorealistic models.


You can also use adobe photoshop to do the same thing.