Any one have solution?

Anyone have any plan of action which I can write to Amz if any please share with me

‘Your account is currently under review as we believe that your account or a related account may have been used to engage in deceptive or illegal activity that harms customers and our store. During this review, FBA Shipment creation ability and removal ability will be disabled and your funds will be withheld’

Are you, by any chance, doing OA? if not,have you verified the supply chain for the products you are selling at least?

Invoices can only help you if in case your supply chain is authorized to distribute the products you are currently selling, unless you are the Brand Owner.

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Yes I have invoices but I didn’t verified the supply chain of the product

That makes sense, what you can do for now is check on the brand’s website and see if the supplier you purchased the products from is in their list of authorized distributors or suppliers. Keep in mind that not all has this information on the website.

Also, you can still try to provide those invoices to Amazon and provide them an action plan on how you are going to reinstate the account in case is the supply chain you’ve got is not authorized.

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They are not asking for action plan, just invoices and authenticity proof. What can I do?