Any information about Amazon payment reserve update?

Has anyone else had the email from Amazon in regards to reserve balance changes. Just trying to clarify what is actually saying


Starting August 3, 2023, in order to unify base reserve policies for all selling partners, your base reserve policy will change to a “Delivery Date Based Reserve.”

A base reserve policy is one of the factors that determines your Account Level Reserve, which is the amount of money that Amazon reserves to ensure that you have enough funds to fulfil any refunds, claims or chargebacks from buyers. Delivery Date Based Reserve is our worldwide standard for selling partner accounts since 2016 and determines when your funds become available for disbursement.

While your current base reserve policy uses the shipment confirmation date to determine how long funds are held in reserve, the Delivery Date Based Reserve policy uses the delivery date of an order. When you use an integrated shipping provider, we will use the actual delivery date of the order. In the absence of valid tracking data, we will use the latest estimated delivery date. This policy change may cause a one-time cash flow disruption until the new reserve is built up and funds become available for disbursement according to the estimated or confirmed delivery date.

Changing to Delivery Date Based Reserve will allow you to run non-Prime deals in the European stores, which are currently limited to sellers on Delivery Date Based Reserve. Note that other eligibility criteria for non-Prime Deals still apply.

The policy change will not affect your disbursement frequency, your ability to “Disburse Now” or the total amount of funds received. This policy change will only defer the availability of your funds according to the delivery date of the order plus seven days.

No action is required from you; the policy change will automatically be initiated on August 3, 2023. To prepare, we recommend evaluating if this change could impact your processes for handling payments from Amazon. We also recommend you ensure that you have enough funds to cover the one-time cashflow disruption and evaluate possible financial support options if required.

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