Any experiences with SoStocked or InventoryLab?

I’m looking to purchase a inventory management software for Replens/forecasting, from the research I’ve done I’m looking at either SoStocked or InventoryLab?

Would appreciate the opinions of anyone that has used either/both.


I use seller toolkit for this but it’s an area I want to improve. I wonder if I’m missing a trick. Inventorylab would be the more well-known one the two though so stocked does look pretty good

Gonna have to try em out myself

My thoughts exactly mate it’s def an area I’m lacking in.

Looks like they both do free trials so will be giving them both a go I think.

Maybe @TarrantToolbox will be able to advise with this one :wink:

I would also like to get some info on SoStocked, there are lots of mixed reviews

I know this is a copy from my other post but it’s the exact same question:

I have no personal experience with sostocked, but they have my attention for sure. I have them on my list to contact for research and collaboration purposes.

Inventory Lab, however, has been our inventory app for YEARS, and we love it very much. They also integrate with our repricer. It also comes with a scanning app called Scoutify that rivals my favorite scanning app, which is SellerAmp. Here’s a link for Inventory Lab, but you only really want this if you have too many skus than you can handle to reprice on your own. If you’re wholesale, or Pl, I think it’s good but maybe overkill. However, they did recently launch an insights feature that people are really liking.


What’s the benefit of using an inventory software? Isn’t it something that manages orders for dropshippers? How can ordinary seller benefit from it?

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I’ve never done any drop-shipping, we are over 90% RA. So we have a whole lot of skus and different types of products we send in. Inventory Lab helps with seeing our profitability with several good reports. Not just profit though, a bunch more inventory details are available. The biggest benefit to me is listing products. Using IL makes it so much faster in my opinion.

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happy days! Thank you mate I appreciate your time

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My pleasure!