Any advice please?

Hi everyone. My account is on vacation now, but I received email about my capacity limits. Amazon FBA already charged me about $1200 for June and going to charge another 1200 for July. Any options? Thanks

How many units do you have there? I have a new client that Amazon charged her 2 months in a row but in much smaller amounts. We spoke to Amazon a lot and they wont cancel or delay or reduce the payment. But, I think you should call them and try

Hello @Betty

You have a few options.

  • You can request more capacity for products, if you are confident customers will buy. Use the Capacity Manager use the Capacity Manager to request an increase.

  • The other option would be to create a removal order to reduce the amount of inventory that’s stored in Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

The article FBA capacity limits is full of suggestion to help manage the level of your inventory.

If you continue to exceed your capacity limits, you’ll be blocked from creating shipments to Amazon, and your account may be charged overage fees: