Any advice how to boost jewellery sales?

I have been selling jewellery on AMZ UK for 16 years. I have over 10,000 listings and sales are abismal! I am mid to high end so my items aren’t dirt cheap because of the quality. My question is if you aren’t the cheapest on amazon how do you survive? Visibility ok when the search is specific but general search with 2 or 3 keywords and one has to hoard through pages of cheap tat before you get to our listings! Anyone else in the same boat? Yes of course cost of living crisis is playing a big part but sales have tanked in the last 2 years. Any advice? Already doing sponsored ads but organic visibility for general search is awful. Any help will be most appreciated! Do you think that quality buyers have deserted amazon since they opened the floodgates to international sellers who can afford to make about £1 profit on an item and sell so cheap but in volume?

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Maybe Amazon just isn’t the right platform to be selling mid - high end jewelery on?

What about platforms like Etsy?

Have you tried Amazon Handmade?




Jewelry with high price point is definitely a headache. Don’t know much about UK jewelry market right now. However, I saw an opal jewelry brand in US marketplace do all campaign types specially video Ads. And most of their revenue comes from SB campaigns. They told me that they invested heavily on Google Ads and they controlled the ad budget later.

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I don’t have a clue about selling jewelry on amazon, however the basics apply. To answer your question, you don’t survive.

Due to lack of amazon transparency you must treat everything like a “black box”. The “black box” contains the secret recipe. When you toss ingredients into the “black box” your output based upon those ingredients is dependent upon the recipe. So what is the recipe??

That is up to you find out, is it money laundering?, selling stolen goods?, sellers being funded to disrupt the economies of some countries?