Another seller brought this to my attention and we're a little perplexed

We both use Inventory Lab and neither of us have Amazon set to dispose of any of our inventory. However, we’re noticing an increasing number of “Disposal Fees” that are being shown in Inventory Lab. A few months ago, there were only a few dollars in such fees, so we just kind of shrugged it off.

However, in recent weeks, the disposal fees are seemingly showing every day.

Worst case scenario would be that Amazon is actually disposing of our returned inventory when they’re not supposed to, which would obviously be catastrophic, but they also could just be “accidentally” charging us disposal fees when they’re not supposed to.

Another possibility could be that it’s just recording incorrectly in Inventory Lab for some reason, but Inventory Lab support staff so far hasn’t been able to verify that’s the case.

Does anyone know what’s going on here? Are you guys experiencing the same?

Look through your removal order settings to see how they’re set up. Contact Amazon yourself about a particular transaction.

Rule of thumb: Never trust third party services on every word they say. Always trust but verify.


Thank you for your reply

I also had a similar issue where they disposed of my sellable units and charged an excessive fee because my account was on hold due to a company address issue. I created a case, but they claimed it was because my settings were set to automatic disposal instead of return. However, when I checked, I already had a return address listed. They are simply not accepting this.


I wouldn’t be surprised with scamazon

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