Analyze aging and excess FBA inventory with new analytics page

Announcement reposted from Amazon United States:

We’ve launched a new FBA Inventory Age & Excess Analytics page with trends and key metrics to help you analyze your aging and excess inventory.

The FBA Inventory Age & Excess Analytics page:

  • Provides a summarized view of how your aging inventory levels are trending over time
  • Shows you how other metrics like FBA sales and aged inventory surcharge match up with your aging inventory
  • Summarizes excess inventory recommendations and aged inventory surcharges

The page contains one year of historical data.

For more information, go to FBA Inventory Age & Excess Analytics

If you don’t have access, learn how to access the page by going to: Add permissions for FBA dashboard and FBA Analytics

We monitor your feedback to improve our reporting and management tools in Seller Central. Click “Feedback” at the bottom left of the page to tell us what you think of the new FBA Inventory Age & Excess analytics page.