An unexpected issue occurred during fund transfer AMAZON ERROR

I did not notice until doing the VAT return that an Amazon payment did not go through for the period Oct 25th - 31st last year.
I attempted to contact Amazon at the time to say payment was late, with no response. On my statement lists the amount (£133.96) is shown as still outstanding with the error message “An unexpected issue occurred during fund transfer” - please contact seller support.
THis was surprising as there has been no change to my banking details.
When I click on the ‘request payment’ button displaying on this page it just takes me to my ‘current balance’ (this outstanding amount does not appear in my current balance.
The list of payment periods available in the ‘investigate payments’ section in help starts just AFTER this date (November 2022, and the only further action available is to give ‘feedback’ on this page!!
Where do I go to now???

I understand that you have encountered an issue with an Amazon payment that did not go through for the period of October 25th to 31st last year. You noticed this when preparing your VAT return. Despite attempting to contact Amazon about the late payment, you received no response. On your statement, the outstanding amount of £133.96 is shown with the error message “An unexpected issue occurred during fund transfer” and you are advised to contact seller support.

It is surprising that there has been no change to your banking details, yet the payment did not go through. Clicking on the “request payment” button redirects you to your current balance, and the outstanding amount does not appear there. You have also noticed that the “investigate payments” section in the help center only shows payment periods starting from November 2022, with the only available action being to provide feedback.

In this situation, I recommend taking the following steps to address the issue:

  1. Contact Seller Support: Reach out to Amazon’s seller support directly to report the problem and seek assistance. Explain the situation clearly, including the specific payment period, the error message received, and the fact that the outstanding amount does not appear in your current balance. Provide any relevant details, such as your account ID or payment reference, to help them investigate the issue more effectively.
  2. Follow up persistently: If you do not receive a response from seller support or if the issue remains unresolved, it is important to persistently follow up with them. Send additional messages or consider using alternative communication channels provided by Amazon’s seller support to escalate the matter and ensure it receives appropriate attention.
  3. Keep documentation: Maintain a record of all communication with Amazon regarding this issue. This includes copies of any messages sent, any responses received (if any), and any reference numbers provided by Amazon. This documentation will be useful for reference and support in case further action needs to be taken.
  4. Consider professional advice: If the issue persists or if you require further guidance, it may be beneficial to consult with a professional accountant or VAT advisor. They can review your specific situation, assess the impact on your VAT return, and provide expert advice on how to proceed.

Remember that Amazon’s seller support is best equipped to handle these types of payment-related issues. While it can sometimes take time to resolve such matters, persistently following up and providing clear and detailed information will increase the chances of a successful resolution.

I hope this guidance helps you in addressing the issue with the outstanding Amazon payment. If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, please feel free to ask. Good luck!