Amazon's Express Payout

I wanted to check if people can share any experiences they have with Amazon’s Express Payout, and any downsides that they have experienced by adding a Visa Debit Card (as needed for Express Payout).


I am using the express payout (visa debit card) and is it good.You will receive the funds within 24hrs and i get more than you would get if u were to convert the currency with wise


You should certainly get your money out of Amazon as quick as possible. With all the suspensions you don’t want Amazon locking up your funds.

I already have daily withdrawals and they reach my bank within 24-48 hours so its not a big difference. I hesitate to change anything banking related with Amazon because it can cause an account deactivation. This can typically be fixed within a few days by supplying all the documents they request. But not worth the risk for me.


Thanks for the replies. I definitely hear that. I was trving to determine what the downsides might be. I imagine there may be additional risks by using a debit card (no recourse in the way that you have with a credit card).