Amazon won’t accept supply chain documentation


I am reaching out to seek your guidance and support as I am currently facing an issue with my Amazon seller account.

To provide you with a brief background, I recently joined Amazon as a new seller, but regrettably, my account has been deactivated without any customer complaints. The reason cited for the suspension is an authenticity issue, which they claim was generated by their systems.

Since then, I have diligently attempted numerous solutions in order to reactivate my account. I initially tried uploading my invoices as requested, however, that effort proved unsuccessful. In their response, Amazon now insists on obtaining supply chain information as a prerequisite for reactivation. Despite my best efforts, I am unable to fulfill this requirement.

In light of these challenges, I have submitted an appeal to Amazon where I outlined my inability to produce the supply chain information they have requested. Additionally, I have presented a solid plan of action, highlighting a new business model to address any potential authenticity concerns. Regrettably, Amazon has not been receptive to my appeal and maintains that supplying the requested supply chain information is the only viable path for reinstatement.

At this time I am out of ideas and any advise would help.

Because Amazon is so highly automated if you do not comply with what they are asking you for odds are they won’t reinstate your account.

Usually an invoice from your supplier or whoever should do the trick.

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I gave them an invoice from my supplier, they want supply chain and I am unable to provide them with that

Is it a trade-only supplier or a retailer?
Is your business name and address on the invoice?
Is the item correctly identified on the invoice?