Amazon Withholding Payment - since January - HELP

We recently bought a company and are having trouble wih amazon migrating the new comapny details across on the Amazon account.
There was a problem with the account regarding VAT which has now been resolved, but the account seems to be caught in a computer loop and no one knwos what’s going on.
Each email is bumped to another department…

Anyway, the bigger problem is Amazon are still holding £20+ in the account and we are unable to access this (180 days and counting now).
Under there T&Cs they can only hold money for 90 days.

Any advice out there??


So do you mean that you are trying to completely change the registration details of your existing Amazon Seller Account (with feedback and selling history) into a different company?

In this case, the re-verification can be complicated and take a few months.

Could you post the e-mails, which you are getting to see, what is the problem?

The best way how to communicate with Amazon during a verification is using this e-mail address:

[email protected]