Amazon withholding disbursements


Amazon freezed my disbursements with this email. Its been 11 days and I still cant receive my payments. They say my company needs to be physically in the business address. To prove that they require utility bill like electricity or gas bill. (I also attached the files they required)

My company is in estonia and I cant provide those bills because I use my accountant address. Amazon says if I cant prove then amazon will conclude that my company is not established in EU and will start collecting and remitting VAT on my B2C sales.

Anyone experienced this suspension. How did you solve it? I need to reactivate the disbursements asap.

Thank you

We have had the same but without an email so has to find the reason myself.

We’re VAT registered & they have had the detail for years. Infact they have my passport, address & business details already so this was not necessary for us, alas they don’t care

This is the process so far:

1st - they will notify you about the “audit”, and ask for your ID and bank statement.

2nd - They will ask for tons of more documents

3rd- you will be asked for at least two other documents which have already been included in the second email above.

So, starting with point 3, we return to Amazon’s normal process. “Chasing your tail”

Everyone gets exactly the same answers. The process is always the same.

This is happening all over and amazon support sucks.

Were you vat registered and have you paid your vat to hmrc ?

I have vat and I paid all of my vat. this happened in europe.

Most likely what amazon will tell you is you have to pay amazon what’s owed and then go claim what you paid hmrc from hmrc, which sucks.

I received the request for Proof of Location on 27/12/23 and over the following month sent back the following documents as PDFs:

  • scans of my Passport (to prove identity),

  • current Council Tax Bill (to show my resident status)

  • Bank Statements and Credit Card Statement (to confirm my home address)

  • a suppliers invoice (to show goods are delivered to my home address)

  • copies of my local Post Office Proofs of Posting (to show that I’m dispatching sold goods locally)

  • and after yet another request for Documents, my HMRC Self Assessment Statement

Hope that helps some of you in the same situation

For those in different circumstances e.g. Not Sole Traders, Registered for VAT, etc., I’m sorry but I do not have any more information I can add.

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Hi All,

We had this though two weeks ago, send documents as requested, then they replied after 4 days saying the email didnt come from the email address registered with amazon(it did) so sent it back with screen shot to prove and now waiting for them to respond again…

How long does it take for these guys to sort it out? Whats the longest someones been waiting so i can plan my cashflow

I was charged for VAT in countries I’m not registered with. I asked this to be dealt with 6 months ago and it’s still not been done. Every week I get an email saying “we appreciate how this delay isn’t good” blah blah blah. I’ve given up responding as it’s not worth the hassle. How Amazon operates and treats it’s 3rd party sellers is similar to the Royal Mail scandal

Is anyone having problems with the verification process even though they have been selling on Amazon for years?

Yes, it may cause issues as sometimes the information does not exactly match the information entered in the SC account. So, yes, I have faced and helped sellers to verify their accounts. Let me know if you need any guidance on it. Make sure to check that your document details or any utility bill have the same information as your details on the SC account. Best of luck.