Amazon with holding my money for 5 months! Also have taken money from my bank account 14 times!


I have contacted Amazon what must be over 300 times in total, I have spent hours on the phone to them I have even spammed their facebook pages with hundreds of comments.

All that ever happens if they give me a link to support after admitting this is entirely wrong and just basically theft!

I have filled everything in that I am supposed to multiple times and yet still no response, no reply, nothing!!!


I have even emailed [email protected] like 5 times now and never received a response despite telling them they have withheld my money for 5 months now.

They have always made payments in the past but since suspending my account for 1 late parcel. They never looked at my appeal and have not actually done anything with a single case I have opened.

They all say transferred and now a few say answered yet never has anything been answered!!!

They also keep taking money from my bank accounts!!!




I would suggest to let your bank know any money taken is not authorised, and inform them none was authorised since xx date and to raise as a complaint against the Direct Debit guarantee. The bank should then refund you (in time, proof will be needed).

Alter Amazon Selling account to a basic account, as I assume you are on a Professional account which is why they are charging you a monthly fee.

Write to Amazon by post (signed for) with a notice before court action, give all information and give them 14 days from date of letter being received by them, and if no response, take legal action in the court.

I am surprised 1 parcel caused the issue, how?

Most Sellers have had late deliveries, but no payments stopped. Were there other issues and that was the final issue?

The 1GBP deductions which you are referring to are authorization charges and Amazon is placing them to verify the validity of your credit card on file.

These shouldn’t actually be debited so if you are experiencing this to happen, it indicates there could be something wrong with your card/bank or this has something to do with the failure to pass the review.

Since you failed to provide Amazon the additional information and complete the review, funds from deactivated accounts are normally available for a disbursement after between 90 days to 180 days following the suspension.

May I ask what is the total value of withheld funds, since from your past forum posts I can tell there were only 4 orders processed prior to the suspension?

Unfortunately, in this case e-mailing the executive departments or submitting complaints will not help as it will not make Amazon release your funds earlier.

I can only suggest considering a legal action, if you really wish to have the funds released earlier.

Also, you will need to block the credit card to prevent any further authorization charges.

Kika the debits should of been refunded. That is what happens with those checks, none of the are refunded and they continue to take further debits.

Yes my account was suspended for a late parcel and nothing else.

There is no other issues with my account at all. Never was.

It was 1 late parcel, nothing else.

There is also nothing wrong with my bank account whatsoever, amazon done the checks previously and reimbursed them with no problems.

They have then randomly continued to make these checks and taking the money without ever refunded/returning it as they typically do.

They also stated the latest point the funds would be released was 90 days. We are well beyond 90 days.

Also, how on earth do I get my 14 unauthorized payments returned to me if they will not respond or contact me

The suspension notices which you previously posted on the forum clearly show that the account was deactivated over a review during which Amazon wanted to verify your trading history.

This is something very common and many sellers are going through it.

There was no mention of any issues related to late shipments and your metrics weren’t bad enough to cause this to happen.

As I already mentioned, the funds are usually released after between 90 and 180 days, since Amazon wants to ensure any potential A-Z claims or chargebacks can be covered from your balance and these can be filled even after 90 days has passed.

I can promise you it wasn’t initially. If that is all it is I can verify myself by no one will respond to me regardless of what contact I try to make.

The only thing I cannot provide is a proof of address as I have been travelling for over 2 years.

The original suspension was due to one late parcel. That is when this all happened.

The suspension wasn’t over late shipments, you will need to provide Amazon the proof of your address.

It can be a document such as a bank account statement issued in your name with the account registration address visible.

The metrics were bad enough because 1 late parcel out of 2 parcels that month is higher than 4%.

I received this on the 24th May.

There was never nay problems with my card, nothing has changed and they had made many payments to me before.

This was received on the 24th of May.

Nothing had changed with my bank.

Dear Seller,

We scheduled a payment from the bank account you have provided on file, but the payment was cancelled because the credit or debit card information registered on your Amazon payment account is invalid. This information would be invalid if the card has expired or the billing address has changed.

All payments will be suspended until your credit card information has been updated. For billing and security purposes, all Amazon sellers must provide valid credit card information from a credit card acceptable by Amazon. For instructions on how to update credit card information in your Selling on Amazon payments account, search for “Credit Card Information” in Seller Help.

You may choose to change your settlement date (also known as transfer date) to the current date to initiate your payment as quickly as possible. You must submit the credit card update and settlement date update at the same time to initiate the payment. Choosing this option will permanently reset your payment cycle. If you only update your credit card information, payment will be initiated on your next scheduled settlement date. Your payment amount may vary due to payment policies. You can see your Closing Balance for the amount that will be paid in the Payments Report.

If you believe that the credit card information you have entered is correct and that you have received this message in error, please contact your bank for verification.

Thank you for selling on Amazon.


Amazon Services

This is what you need to address, you need to fix your account details and finish the verification.

In addition, Amazon doesn’t release payments to sellers who failed to verify their identity.

Right it states there if you cannot provide any of these things please contact us.

I have contacted them a number of times stating I cannot provide a proof of address as I have been travelling for an extended period of time. Much longer than 3 months.

Again, no reply.

Unfortunately, if this is the case, then Amazon will be unable to verify your account and release any funds to you as this is one of the most basic things needed to comply with the money laundering laws.

They cannot just release funds to anyone operating an account who failed to verify their identity.

You will need to firstly obtain a proof of address in order to have this matter resolved.

What about the 14 payments they never refunded?

As for not releasing funds to anyone operating the account, what logic is that after making all previous payments ??

So randomly one day they just decide after paying thousands to one account that they will decide to now ask for verification ?

Also how can I get them to refund the 14 payments they took.

Regarding any unauthorized payments which Amazon took out of your credit card, you can file a chargeback with your bank.

Once your Seller Account failed the verification, at that point Amazon will not release any additional funds to you and you will need to firstly have it fixed to comply with the money laundering laws.

Firstly @Roy5634 , I’m really sorry you are experiencing this. It’s very difficult getting the silent treatment.

Listen to @Kika’s advice.

  1. Contact your bank and give them the list of the direct debit payments you did not authorise, and tell them you’d like them to refund it under the direct debit guarantee… Although, I’d wait to do this if it were me, as £1 every day or few days is not hundreds and you will be able to get it back with the direct debit guarantee later too.
  2. You need to complete your account verification. What address is your account registered under? (Don’t tell me, I’m just making a point). Are you able to change your bank account to be under that address? If so, do that and then get a statement from it. If it is not possible, can you set up a new account under that address? Once set up you can get a bank statement, and you can create a “Plan of Action” with the help of @Kika and others on the forum, and send to the correct Amazon email address.
  3. Submit your Plan of Action to Amazon, including your bank account.

Getting angry with them will not get you anywhere - unfortunately they have a process they follow and they ignore any communication that does not follow their requirements. If you manage to just be formal and follow their processes you will probably get your account reinstated. And then you can withdraw your funds once they release them, and if you decide you don’t want to trade on amazon anymore you can then close your account once they disperse to you.

I know it’s crazy frustrating, and heartbreaking at the same time when you’ve been working in partnership with them and doing well financially. I hear you. I’ve been there and had a suspension last year where they said it was their final decision and I was not allowed to sell on Amazon anymore, and I had over 7000 items stored in their warehouses and around 15-20k sitting in my Amazon account. It is a HORRIBLE experience.

But instead of fighting with Kika cos you’re frustrated with Amazon, listen to her as she will give you the best chance of getting everything sorted out. If you would like more help, send me a PM and I’ll see what I can do.

Best of luck

This has happened to me too. It is so unfair and illegal for them to do this. We need to find more people and open a massive court case against them

Hello, If Amazon is still withholding your money, then don’t hesitate to take them to court.

I am having the same problem with them at the moment. The same stupid replies which they give making you go around and around the circle. Now, I have decided to file a court claim against the company. Amazon. The company is not even regulated by the Financial Ombudsman when it comes to issues like payments.