Amazon USA processing time

Hello everyone,

please tell me, how long does Amazon FBA USA take to process a shipment?

How soon will I start appearing in the Buy Box and selling products?

Thank you

Usually your stock goes live with first or 2nd day of arriving at FBA warehouse. Sometimes it may take longer too so just wait patiently.

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Typically, it can take a few days to a week for Amazon FBA USA to process your shipment and make your inventory available for sale. Appearing in the Buy Box and selling products depends on competitiveness and your product’s performance relative to others.

Normally 3~7 business days.

I appeared in the sellers, but for some reason, my delivery date is mid-July or even August. Will the delivery date change when Amazon processes all the items? And can I get into the Buy Box with these conditions?

What do you mean by “appearing in the BB and selling products”? Do you mean becoming available? If yes, then from the moment of shipment check-in, it takes about 1-2 weeks to become available for sale as many times they are being transfered to other fcs etc.

Most probably your inventory is in FC transit, being distributed among different warehouse locations.

You can see the process in your shipment details under Shipments in Seller Central.

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Thank you all for your answers and valuable information.