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Hello everyone! I’m looking for some help with ungating on Amazon in the Beauty, Perfumes, and Electronics categories. In the UK market. Could you please provide me with a list of Amazon-accepted wholesalers that can help me with this process? I would greatly appreciate it if you could recommend wholesalers who are willing to sell as few as 10 units or have a small minimum order quantity (MOQ). Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hello @super771,

thank you for posting into our forum. So, I understand from your post that you would like to purchase only a handful of units to get ungated. However, I am assuming that once you accomplish this, you won’t be sourcing from these authorized distributors and doing RA.

Beauty brands are known to be aggressive when enforcing intellectual property or unauthorized resellers. It would be more reasonable to find a stable supplier.

The most reliable wholesalers typically have a closed website that doesn’t show any products and you firstly need to register and get approved.

You can try: General Terms and Conditions | B2B

They have a 500€ minimum purchase limit.

Another option is:

I hope this helps. Please feel free to post here whenever you need help.

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I have almost 500 wholesalers, but I have been told that Amazon approves or accepts only certain wholesalers to ungated, so that is why I posted it to find that list.

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No, this is incorrect. Amazon will accept invoices from any supplier that is legitimate - has a professional business website containing verifiable contact details and social media presence.

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