Amazon UK selling our US-marketplace product, in Europe

Under our FBA-setting, the section ‘‘Allow Amazon to buy my products to sell globally’’ is disabled.

How do we address and stop this?

It is very likely they are sourcing the product elsewhere. If this was your product, you would be getting paid.

Thanks for the reply. How would you go about this situation?

Hello @Alexander,

thank you for posting into our forum. Is this your private label product which you are manufacturing or do you have any exclusive resale rights.

The likelihood is that Amazon is sourcing directly from the manufacturer or the brand owner could be a Vendor. If you are indeed the only seller, then Amazon could be reselling any warehouse damaged or found missing units.

Check to see if you have any stock discrepancy or if you have payouts incoming related to the ASINs.

I hope this helps. Please feel free to post here whenever you need help.


@Kika thanks a lot (as always).
We own the brand, so certainly not from us. Was established in 2013. We have US- and EU-trademarks.

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Check your settings on other marketplaces as well to see if it isn’t enabled somewhere.

May I ask why would you choose to have it disabled? These are additional sales fully managed by Amazon.

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Brand control. Simple as that.

We were only selling our product in the US marketplace with plans of launching on the European marketplaces too. When we started getting ready for our Amazon-EU setup, we noticed that the ASIN was live with a product page in Germany and Amazon UK as sellers. Listing is now impossible to manage, it takes a war to make any changes and the listing has approx. 1,5 years of online ‘‘negative’’ sales history.

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Whether you have listing control can be solved by enrolling into the Amazon Brand Registry. Anyone could have created the listings, so this is not something you can influence.

But the fact that the product has a sales history, reviews and ranking should help.

Amazon has no means to produce your product, so they must be reselling units for which you were reimbursed or you have the settings enabled somewhere.

We’re already enrolled. Been enrolled for years, also in the EU.
This means that they might be reselling units for which we were reimbursed from the US to Germany?

The product has a horrible listing quality and sales history in Germany, so we are starting over and creating a brand new EAN and product listing to start off fresh. Now we just want Amazon to stop selling our product on the other listing.

Exactly. Whenever you receive a reimbursement, eventually Amazon will be able to do with the units whatever they want.

If you be better to fix the listing as Amazon may merge them in the future anyway.

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Thanks for the reply and suggestions.

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