Amazon Store Translations


I have created an Amazon Seller Store for my Brand on the UK marketplace and it has been approved. On the Amazon Store Policies it states that:
“Once you have submitted your Store, we will automatically translate it for you. Translation times may vary and are usually complete within 48 hours of your Store in the default language being live.”
Does this mean it will generate a store in each marketplace I am selling in and translate it for me, or do I have to create the same store in France, Italy, Germany and Spain in English then submit it and wait for it to be translated?

Thanks for your help.

If your store is in English and you are selling in France, Italy, Germany, and Spain, Amazon will translate it into the respective languages for those marketplaces. You don’t need to create separate stores in each language; Amazon will handle the translation process for you. Just make sure your original store in the default language (in this case, English) is well-constructed and contains all the necessary information for translation.