Amazon Sponsored Products

We are trying to advertise our products via Amazon sponsored campaigns.

However it is saying our product/s are ineligible. Why would this be? We are an active seller and there are no problems with our listings.

Can anyone offer any advice?

If your products are showing as ineligible for Amazon sponsored campaigns, there could be several reasons for this:

  1. Category Restrictions: Some categories on Amazon have restrictions on advertising, and certain products may not be eligible for sponsored campaigns within those categories.
  2. Brand Registry: If you haven’t enrolled your brand in Amazon’s Brand Registry program, certain advertising features might be restricted for your products.
  3. Listing Issues: Although you mentioned there are no problems with your listings, double-check that all your product listings comply with Amazon’s guidelines and policies.
  4. New Listings: New products may have a waiting period before they become eligible for advertising. Ensure your products have been active on Amazon for a sufficient period.
  5. Amazon’s Algorithm: Amazon’s eligibility criteria for advertising are dynamic, and it’s possible that certain products may intermittently become ineligible due to changes in the algorithm.

To address the issue, you can:

  1. Review Advertising Policies: Check Amazon’s advertising policies and guidelines to ensure your products comply with all requirements.
  2. Check Brand Registry Status: If applicable, enroll your brand in Amazon’s Brand Registry program.
  3. Contact Seller Support: Reach out to Amazon Seller Support for specific information on why your products are showing as ineligible for sponsored campaigns.
  4. Monitor Eligibility: Keep an eye on your product’s eligibility status, as it may change over time.