Amazon Sponsored Ads

Hello All,

I am new to Amazon Sponsored ads and would just like clarification on a couple of things…

1- I have just began my sponsored ad campaign the morning, using the ‘automated’ service. How long should I expect to see my sponsored listing?
2- How does Amazon determine what page it falls on? I tend to see a competitor of mine always appear at the top page for all of his listings - how does he manage to do this.
3 - I have put a price in for each PPC - is the seller with the most unique price always the one who gets his/her listing show or is that irrelevant? If not, where can I do my research on most unique prices?

Your help is greatly appreciated. All have a good day!

Automatic is fine to start with, however if you get time then use the reports and the keywords to tighten up keywords or remove them by doing a manual ad campaign and pause the automatic.
Its possible to advertise where only small link to your stock which can waste your money.

If you can find a webinar about amazon sponsored ads, try it. This time of year there are several.

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