Amazon Smile SALE to replace Time Sale Festival on April 19

Announcement reposted from Amazon Japan:

In line with Amazon’s brand strategy, the name of “Amazon Smile SALE” (new name) will replace “Time Sale Festival” (old name), starting with the 5th sale on April 19, 2024.

The Amazon Smile SALE will be used as a major event name and we will use better as a communication and message to support the themes and seasonality associated with each event. The Amazon smiley face logo symbolizes the uniqueness of Amazon, and also expresses the brand’s attributes of being bright and charming, with high visibility in Japan.

We request that our sellers use the name “Amazon Smile SALE” when announcing “Amazon Smile SALE” from now on. When you use “Amazon スマイルSALE” in Japanese, the first letter of “Amazon” should be capitalized and “スマイル” should be written in katakana. Please put a half-width space between “Amazon” and “スマイルSALE”. When you use “Amazon Smile SALE” in English or other language, the first letter of “Amazon” and “Smile” should be capitalized. Please put a half-width space between “Amazon” and “Smile SALE”.

Prime Day, Prime Appreciation Sale, Black Friday and Fashion Time Sale Festivals will not be changed to “Amazon Smile SALE”.