Amazon Seller & payments using same bank account is it OK?

Hi , hope someone cant help, we have an amazon seller account and wasnt to set up amazon payments for our website, we have been told we cant link the tow so set a new account up for amazon payments.

my question is would there be an issue using the same company bank account for both the seller and the new amazon payments?

Using the same company bank account for both your Amazon seller account and Amazon Payments should generally not be an issue. Many businesses use the same bank account for various Amazon services without any problems.

However, it’s important to note that while the bank account can be the same, the actual accounts themselves (i.e., your seller account and Amazon Payments account) are separate entities. They serve different purposes and have different functionalities.

When you set up Amazon Payments for your website, you will create a new Amazon Payments account specifically for processing payments on your website. This account will be linked to your company bank account to receive payments from your customers.

Your existing Amazon seller account is used for selling products on the Amazon marketplace and managing your seller activities. The funds from your sales on Amazon will be deposited into the bank account associated with your seller account.

So, as long as you understand the distinction between the two accounts and their respective purposes, you should be able to use the same company bank account without any issues. Just ensure that you correctly link the appropriate bank account to each account during the setup process. If you have any specific concerns or questions, it’s always a good idea to reach out to Amazon Seller Support or Amazon Payments Support for further clarification and guidance.