Amazon Seller Account Deactivated

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well ? A few days ago, our seller account got deactivated and we sent a POA. Does anyone have a rough time frame of how long it takes for Amazon to reply? Thank you, Aadam

Hello Adam,

I understand that you’re seeking information about the typical timeframe for Amazon to respond to a Plan of Action (POA) after your seller account has been deactivated. While I don’t have access to specific details about your account or the current processing times at Amazon, I can provide you with some general information:

  1. Response time can vary: The time it takes for Amazon to review and respond to a POA can vary based on several factors, including the complexity of the issue, the volume of cases being reviewed, and the current workload of the Seller Performance team. Therefore, it’s challenging to provide an exact timeframe.
  2. Be patient and proactive: While waiting for a response, it’s important to remain patient. In the meantime, you can be proactive by ensuring that you have submitted a comprehensive and well-structured POA, addressing all the concerns raised by Amazon. This can help expedite the process when they do review your case.
  3. Check your email and notifications: Keep an eye on your registered email address associated with your Amazon seller account. Amazon usually communicates updates and decisions through email, so it’s important to regularly check for any correspondence from them. Additionally, you can also log in to your seller account and check the “Performance Notifications” section to see if there are any updates or messages from Amazon.
  4. Follow up if necessary: If a significant amount of time passes without a response, and you have not received any communication from Amazon, it may be appropriate to follow up with them. You can contact Amazon Seller Support and politely inquire about the status of your case, emphasizing the importance of resolving the issue to resume your selling activities.

Remember, the exact timeframe for Amazon to reply to a POA can vary, so it’s important to remain patient and continue to monitor your communication channels for updates. Amazon’s Seller Performance team will review your case as soon as possible and provide a response based on their internal processes and workload.

I hope this information helps. Best of luck with the reactivation of your seller account, and if you have any further questions, feel free to ask.

@Kika will be able to help you with your Plan of Action

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