Amazon search term report “end date” definition


I have downloaded the Amazon Search term report from the Amazon Advertising console. Now I am wondering what the column definition is for the column “end date”. It should be obvious, but I think it is not. My guess would be that it is the date that Amazon has registered the last transaction for that row. It cannot be the same as the end date for the campaign, since in the report I am looking at there are a lot of different end dates for active campaigns.

Anyone here has a clue?

Thanks in advance!

In the Amazon Search term report, the “end date” column refers to the date when the reported data for a particular search term or keyword ends. It represents the last date for which the data is available or has been recorded. This date is not related to the end date of a campaign.

The report may include data from multiple campaigns, and each campaign may have a different end date. The end date in the report corresponds to the specific period for which the data is being provided. It could be the end date of a specific reporting period or the most recent date for which data has been collected.



Thank you for the helpful response