Amazon says that it has "no impact" on Account Health Rating Impact. Should I bother to appeal?

I got a customer Product Authenticity Complaint.

Its not amazon you need to worry about, the company that is making the real product that will go after you for selling fakes. Amazon is only a slap on the wrist by shutting down your account. The damaged party will get money from you if they chose to do so.

Better make sure that your ducks are 100% in a row.

If you know for fact that it is real, don’t worry about it.

Let amazon shut you down then sue amazon and the buyer that made the false complaint for damages.


Personally, I prefer not to appeal any complaints unless I really have to. I have a strategy of “letting the sleeping bear lie).

I have seen many sellers whose entire accounts got suspended or placed under a review, because they aggressively appealed a harmless complaint and Amazon rejected their appeal, which flagged the whole account.

If you are 100% confident that the appeal will be successful, then go ahead, but think twice if you are willing to risk a suspension over something like this if Amazon rejects your submission.

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If the listing is still active then why bother. It will be gone after 180 days

Don’t you worry… Don’t contact Amazon. Let them contact you. Which I think they will not. Chill out