Amazon’s Stickerless program

If we use this program, the stock is going to be commingled with other people’s stock?

Dear Selling Partner,

You are now eligible to use manufacturer barcodes, such as UPC/EAN, when sending inventory to Amazon FBA warehouses. Using the manufacturer barcode already available on your products, you can save time and costs by avoiding the need to print an Amazon barcode label for each inventory unit.

To start saving time and costs, click to review the new Stickerless Seller University content, including information on the program’s overview, benefits, eligibility criteria, and more.

Yes it will.

I believe that Amazon say that traceability is retained and they know which is your stock and which is not but I doubt this very much. You will lose all control over your product.

Probably ok for many products but for others that may be prone to fakes or switcharoos or other dodgy stuff, it may be risky to do.


Don’t take it. I recently added a few my SKU’s as a stickerless (manufacturer barcode) and Amazon added to my inventory from 5 to 20 units to each SKU. I immediately deleted these SKU’s and disposed stock. Seller support is useless.


Don’t do it. My stock got mingled with someone else’s stock and I got a violation for selling fake items. When the item was returned to me it was clearly fake.

Amazon refused to accept I had not supplied it. In fact Seller Support simply didn’t understand my issue.


Stock will go missing, how will they know it’s yours?! Its happen to me!

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Yes, don’t use it

Amazon always. Had this programme … commingled it used to be called … lots of negative publicity for the same … but having used it it works … Amazons rate of loosing inventory is similar to any other prep centres … 10 percent of your inventory will be lost when doing arbitrage whether you use a prep centre or Amazon … yet to see any seller coming up any other data … its standard for any ecommerce retail … if you don’t account to it the look at your numbers … it will be somewhere around 5-10 percent

Yes this is the sugar-coated name for comingled. No thank you - so they can sell someone else’s counterfeit inventory and then blame me for it haha

No thank you. The few manufacturer codes I sent in without an fnsku mysteriously disappeared shipment…weird how it’s only those products that I always seem to not add.

Big no no, never use ean, always your own sku or Amazon generated.

This happened to me and I’m regretting it now that I used manufacture barcodes. It’s been over 2 months now but they are not reimburse me or find my stock.

Personally, I have never seen the option of commingled stock for any of my products. It is quite rare these days - as you can see, invite-only.

I am assuming the products are eligible because of their low return rate and established sellers offering them.

In fact, what will happen is that as others pointed out, your stock will be mixed with other seller’s inventory. This is why you should carefully consider all the risks when making the decision.