Amazon rejected my selling application for LEGO

They didn’t accept Kohl’s packing slip. I requested the invoice from Kohl’s, but they said they can only provide order confirmation or packing slip.

Has anyone vẻn successfully ungated LEGO?

Thanks in advance

Surely providing an invoice is a legal requirement if this is a reputable wholesaler?

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Yes, many people have successfully ungated LEGO on Amazon. However, it can be a challenging process, as Amazon has strict requirements for sellers who want to sell LEGO products.

One of the most important requirements is that you have a valid invoice from a LEGO authorized distributor. Kohl’s is not an authorized LEGO distributor, so Amazon will not accept their packing slip or order confirmation as proof of authenticity.

To ungate LEGO, you will need to provide Amazon with a valid invoice from a LEGO authorized distributor. You can find a list of authorized distributors on the LEGO website.


Kohl’s is a retail department store chain.


As @masud530 already mentioned, you need a valid invoice from an authorized Lego wholesale/distributor.

We use Entertainment Earth


I ungated with a Kohls packing slip. Obviously this is not how it looked when I sent it in. But I took a picture of it. Cropped it, wrote the ASIN on it, saved it as KohlsInvoiceUngate. Took pics of the product on my desk. Submitted. They may have gotten more strict lately. I recently got my first rejection but I sent the wrong document.


Does your invoice from kohls actually say invoice? If not, then it explains why Amazon would not approve a packing slip.