Amazon plans to launch discount store in bid to fend off Temu and Shein

This new platform will feature unbranded items across fashion, home goods, and more, with deliveries reaching customers overseas in just 9-11 days.

The competition between Amazon and Chinese brands is about to get a lot more intense!

Many small business brands have long expressed frustration over competing with lower-priced Chinese goods on Amazon. This new move aims to enhance customer experience by providing more variety at cheaper prices, but it also seems to sideline the concerns of ordinary sellers.

The Big Question:

Will regular sellers get a seat at the table? Could they send their products directly to Amazon’s warehouses in China?

If not, this could be a major blow to small sellers who are already navigating numerous challenges on the platform.

It’s a delicate balance, and the outcome could significantly impact sellers worldwide.

I’m keen to see how Amazon handles this and what new opportunities or hurdles it might create for sellers everywhere.

From what I see on other social media platforms and markets, Chinese brands are taking over. They are able to offer good quality products at very cheap prices compared to their well-known competitors. Even Western brands are manufacturing or buying parts from China (iPhone and many others). I am curious how politicians, especially in America, will handle this, knowing that the Chinese economy is booming .Going back to us, it will definitely affect us more or less depending on the niches we are selling in. If you are into known brand electronics, I think you are going to suffer a lot and tbh i find ali express so addictive


A significant majority of consumers with purchasing power in the US continue to trust Amazon over Temu or other Chinese websites, despite the fact that many products on Amazon are made in China. Amazon remains unmatched due to its strong buyer-centric approach, making it difficult for competitors to gain an edge unless they offer superior value that shifts consumer preferences.


Wonder if dropshipping will be allowed?

A few questions. How long will delivery be? Will people sacrifice speedy delivery over cost? How will returns work?

It also shows how Amazon will do anything to remain number 1.

9-11 days from Amazon warehouse in China. Invitation-only.

People are focusing on delivery speed. I guarantee that Amazon will deliver prime shipping somehow from china to US within a few years after launch. They’ve got the infrastructure to make it happen. “Amazon Global Logistics”.

More cheap crap in the world. Awesome

Stick to big-sized & expensive products for PL on Amazon, nothing is gonna happen.

Thank you for sharing @Muhammad!

Personally, I don’t think that Amazon will stand much of a chance. I have been dealing with Chinese suppliers and their low cost business models since the early 2000’s.

No Chinese supplier is going to meet the quality expectations which Amazon’s average customers have. What will happen is that Amazon may alienate their current customers base who are used to full refunds and free items in case of any complaints.

The Chinese items may work well with teenagers trying their luck when doing a Temu / Shein order haul, which they all throw away as soon as they finish their unboxing video. I can’t imagine the regular Amazon customers being happy with these cheap items.

Also, if these items get sold directly by Chinese sellers, they will be unwilling to match Amazon’s return / refund policies. I know from my own experience how difficult it is to get a refund from Chinese sites, even if you receive a completely different item.


Aren’t there issues with Temu leaking credit card info? I’ve never used it but that why people I know wont use them. Regarding this China-Direct move, I guess all we can hope for as PL sellers is that our Chinese suppliers honor the NNN they signed with us and allow us to be the only seller of our custom design. If they dont, most of us are toast as we cant compete with their prices. Just my two cents

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Temu is cheaper, no doubt, but it doesn’t match Amazon’s quality control and fast shipping. Even though I prefer to buy from Temu, there is always some doubt. I got 80% of the items as expected, but 20% were pathetic. In the case of Amazon, customers have blind trust, and that’s what Amazon knows, so it manipulates sellers’ rights.

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Amazon needs to change their policies for sellers, otherwise buyers will now have multiple options like Temu, Onbuy and Tiktok.