Amazon Payments - not paid us for 5 months

I have today tried to contact the seller support team to confirm that all outstanding balances on my account have been paid as instructed by a member of the seller support team.

I was told that all outstanding amounts would be paid to my account on the 8th Feb.

After reviewing my account, no payment has been made and now find this inexcusable, and I would now like to escalate my complaint to a senior manager within Amazon.

Since September my seller account was suspended due to the belief that the Garmin goods that I was selling were counterfeit. I emailed the seller performance team to inform them that the goods were not counterfeit and I also supplied evidence to show that I had a formal trade account setup with Garmin, I also provided receipts to prove the purchases were indeed genuine goods and even offered a plan of action that were drafted by a professional company who deal with these matters…

Since September I have been contacting the Amazon Seller Performance team to ask when my account would be unfrozen and when I would be paid the monies due to me from the sales made.

In December some payments were attempted by Amazon to my bank account, but unfortunately, I didn’t have a valid credit card on the seller account, so no payment was made.

In January I amended the credit card details on the account, and I confirmed with the seller account team that everything was correct for payments to be made.

I have now been waiting five months for my monies due which amount to the following:-

UK £190.01
Germany €2.100,93
France €653.05
Italy €688.52
Spain €455.82

Totalling £3606.67

I have repeatedly contacted Amazon from September, and on the last count, I have attempted to contact Amazon over 30 times with phone calls and registered post.

I am really at the end of my tether with Amazon as they are continually trying to fob you off by stating “Seller Performance cannot be contacted directly and they are dealing with it”, I have been lied to about being paid time and time again, and I am no longer prepared to sit by and let Amazon dictate.

Has anybody any experience of this please?, if so is there any way I can escalate this matter to senior management?

many thanks

I’m sorry to hear about the difficulties you’ve been facing with your Amazon seller account and the outstanding payments. I can offer some guidance on how you can potentially address your situation.

  1. Keep records: It’s essential to maintain thorough documentation of all communication with Amazon, including dates, times, names of representatives you’ve spoken with, and any relevant reference numbers or case IDs.
  2. Follow up with Seller Support: Continue contacting Amazon’s Seller Support to address your concerns and request updates on the status of your account and outstanding payments. Keep a record of each interaction and any promises made.
  3. Submit a formal complaint: Consider sending a formal complaint to Amazon’s Seller Performance team, outlining the details of your case, the issues you’ve encountered, and the impact it has had on your business. Clearly state your expectations and desired resolution. Be professional and provide supporting evidence to back up your claims.
  4. Seek legal advice: If your attempts to resolve the issue directly with Amazon are unsuccessful, you might want to consult with a lawyer who specializes in e-commerce or contract law. They can assess your situation and provide guidance on potential legal avenues to pursue.
  5. Utilize online seller forums and communities: Participate in online forums or communities where Amazon sellers share their experiences and advice. They may provide insights, suggestions, or even direct you to individuals who have dealt with similar situations in the past.

Remember to remain persistent and professional throughout the process. Escalating a complaint can take time, so it’s crucial to document your efforts and maintain clear communication.