Amazon Payments Account Suspended - why?

When I started my website 15 months ago I was glad to apply for a Amazon Payment account.
The first account was closed as it could not be attached to my seller account.
The 2nd account created with Amazons blessing, took two months to verify because of a technical hitch.
Now I am suspended but I have had no email, notification or internal message. Only a warning on the page when I sign in.
I have taken less than a hundred pounds in year on my website via Amazon, as customers prefer other payment gateways.
And I find I cannot phone seller support to ask any questions.
I have emailed them, politely asking why and if there is a problem then to communicate what it is.
This whole experience has been a huge waste of my time, and a good learning experience to find other payment gateways that do work hassle free.

I have had the same problem, I have been selling on Amazon and they suspended my account. I have emailed them etc and all I get is the same automated email back. I have been trying for 2 months now to get the £400 pound that was in our account transferred to us. It’s theft