Amazon Payment in entire Europe

Hello everyone,
We would like to start accepting Amazon payments in our website. We have many Amazon buyers that visits our store. Unfortunately, our company is established in Bulgaria, Europe and we don’t have street address in other country. We are just VAT registered in DE and FR.
Does anyone knows whether Amazon will support other countries in a future?


Amazon Pay availability varies by country, and Amazon continues to expand its services to new regions over time. While I can’t provide specific information about future support for Bulgaria or other countries, Amazon has been working on expanding its services to additional countries and regions.

To stay updated on the availability of Amazon Pay in Bulgaria or any other specific country, I recommend visiting the Amazon Pay website or reaching out to Amazon Pay support directly. They will have the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding the expansion of their services to different countries.

Additionally, you can also consider checking alternative payment solutions that are available in your region to offer convenient payment options to your customers.