Amazon pay uk express checkout?

does the uk version off amazon pay offer the express checkout like the usa one?

also can i get amazon to host the payment rather than it return the buyers info back to my site for them to pick there address and card, again the usa one can do this via express checkout but i cant find the same for the uk one


Amazon Pay in the UK did not offer an express checkout feature similar to what was available in the USA. Express checkout allows customers to complete their purchase without leaving the merchant’s website. However, it’s possible that Amazon Pay has introduced new features since then, so I recommend checking their official website or contacting their support team for the latest details.

Regarding hosting the payment on Amazon rather than returning buyer information to your site, this is generally not the standard workflow with Amazon Pay. Amazon Pay typically works by redirecting the customer to Amazon’s website to complete the payment process and then returning them to the merchant’s site once the transaction is finished. The buyer’s address and payment information are usually collected on Amazon’s platform.

Again, I recommend referring to the official Amazon Pay documentation or reaching out to their customer support to confirm the current capabilities and features available for the UK version of Amazon Pay.