Amazon pay issues - please read so you dont have same issue!

Since October our company has not received any disbursements!

After chasing them daily I am being told that we are now expected to take out a COMPANY CREDIT CARD to get our dispersement and that amazon no longer accept Company Debit Cards!

I have been contacting Amazon weekly who have admitted it is their fault but and keep being told unless I register a credit card to our account we will not be paid disbursements -

Can someone else tell me if they are too having the same issue?

WTAF is going on - they expect us to take out a CREDIT CARD so we can receive our own money!!!

Absolute BS!!

I have chased amazon today and they have again said unless I take out a credit card we will not be paid!

Out of principle I will NOT be taking out a credit card however I do question the integrity of a company who expect there customers to take out credi!

What about those unable to get a credit card to OR even worse those who are vulnerable who are unable to manage a credit card!?!?!?!

I am UTTERLY DISGUSTED by the attitude and lack of care with this!


It is concerning that you have been told by Amazon that you need to register a credit card in order to receive your disbursements. It’s important to note that Amazon’s policies and procedures can vary, and there may be specific reasons or requirements behind this request.

In such cases, I recommend taking the following steps:

  1. Continue communicating with Amazon: Persist in reaching out to Amazon Pay support to seek clarification on the issue and express your concerns. Clearly state your position and explain any challenges you face in obtaining a credit card, emphasizing the impact it may have on your business operations.
  2. Verify the policy: Ask Amazon Pay support to provide specific documentation or policy references that outline the requirement for a credit card to receive disbursements. This will help you better understand their rationale and assess the situation.
  3. Consider alternative payment methods: If possible, explore alternative payment methods that may be acceptable to Amazon. For example, you could inquire about the feasibility of using a different payment instrument or discuss options for electronic fund transfers or direct deposit.
  4. Seek professional advice: If your attempts to resolve the issue directly with Amazon Pay support are unsuccessful, consider seeking advice from professionals, such as e-commerce consultants or legal experts who specialize in working with Amazon sellers. They may be able to provide insights and guidance on how to proceed.

It’s important to remember that experiences and policies can vary among sellers, and what may be applicable in one situation might not be the case in another. Therefore, it can be beneficial to reach out to other sellers or forums to see if they have encountered similar issues or have any advice to offer based on their experiences.

I understand your frustration and disappointment with this situation, and I hope that you are able to find a resolution that meets your needs.