Amazon Pay failing to prevent fraud from

We currently have 5 chargebacks on our Amazon Pay account. Each of them is a high value item delivered in good faith to the buyer and 8 weeks later a chargeback is issued. On each order, the buyer has made the purchase at an unrealistically low price on a website called . Oblivious to the crime taking place, the customer makes their payment, the website then orders from our and other sites at the full price entering the customer’s correct name and address but enters a false telephone number and email address. The customer receives the product they ordered.

A very clever fraud, we now have to call the customer to check their details and have detected further dodgy orders and cancelled them. I have campaigned Amazon but they are completely uninterested, I have also tried to contact Google to inform them of the website’s activity and they don’t care either! The matter has been reported to Action Fraud almost 4 weeks ago with no response.

I’m hoping Amazon will reimburse our losses but am dismayed at the lack of security, we use Paypal and Braintree as our other payment gateways with no chargebacks in the past year.

Amazon Pay seems to be the payment processor of choice for Criminals.

I understand your frustration with the chargebacks and the challenges you’re facing regarding fraud on your Amazon Pay account. Dealing with fraudulent activity can be a complex and frustrating process. While I can’t directly address your specific situation, I can provide some general advice:

  1. Document and gather evidence: Keep detailed records of the fraudulent transactions, including order details, customer information, delivery confirmations, and any communication you have with Amazon or the customers involved. This documentation will be essential when disputing chargebacks or reporting the fraud to the appropriate authorities.
  2. Follow Amazon’s dispute resolution process: Contact Amazon Pay’s customer support and follow their instructions to dispute the chargebacks. Provide them with all the evidence you have and explain the fraudulent pattern you’ve identified. It’s important to be persistent and proactive in your communication with Amazon, clearly stating your case and providing the necessary information.
  3. Report the fraud to the appropriate authorities: In addition to reporting the matter to Action Fraud, consider reporting the fraudulent activity to your local law enforcement agency as well. They may be able to assist in investigating the matter and potentially apprehending the perpetrators.
  4. Strengthen security measures: Review and enhance your own security measures to minimize the risk of future fraud. This may include implementing additional verification processes, such as verifying customer information before fulfilling high-value orders or using fraud detection tools to identify suspicious transactions.
  5. Consider additional payment gateways: If you continue to experience issues with Amazon Pay, you may want to explore alternative payment gateways for your business. Research and choose a payment provider with robust fraud protection measures and a track record of good customer support.

It’s unfortunate that you’ve had this experience, and I understand your concerns about the security measures in place.