Amazon Pay account suspended/blocked. Money gone


I’ve turned to these forum because i don’t know what to do anymore.

I have an Amazon Pay account that was used to process payments made through AmazonPay through my online store. There is still a hefty sum of money on the account.

For reasons unkown to me to this day, my account got suspended and/or blocked. There has been 0 communication or notice. This happened on April 12th. When the account gets blocked/suspended/closed, there is no way to contact support, these pages are unreachable for that account.

lucky for me, I have a second AmazonPay account for another business. I use this account to reach out to Seller Support. They can’t be of any assistance due to GDPR restrictions. I must have called 20 times over the past months. Completely USELESS.

Seller Support keeps on refering me to email [email protected]. I have done so, many times, they don’t respond. They don’t have a phone number. I’ve asked many times to get a phonenumber from management, or to be called back by a member of management, they won’t do it.

I’m getting stonewalled. My funds are still on the account and there is 0 service.

Where do I go from here?