Amazon over refund customer by £46.70 (FBA)

Customer ordered two item totalling £6.60 (£3.30 each).

Customer returned the items as is there right; Amazon have refunded the customer £53.30, a full £46.70 more than the order value.

Has anyone ever seen this before? Having trouble getting a straight answer out of seller support as to how it happened and how they intend to fix it.

Keep an eye on your FBA refund emails, we may not have spotted this otherwise!

Using Amazon seller support help from Twitter will be effective. They guide properly.


This has happened to me, but it was awhile ago.

I argued it out with Seller Support. If they wanted to over-compensate their customer that’s their business. It has nothing to do with my transaction.

They were pretty agreeable back then.

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So did they eventually credit you the funds back ?


Yes, they did. Have you opened a Seller Support case about it?