Amazon lost my shipment

Long story short but I sent 10 cameras in mixed in with other units. The cameras checked in at one fulfillment center and then were shipped to another fulfillment center where they were lost.

Amazon is saying they never received it. But I showed them where they checked in at one fufillment and then minus ten to another fufillment center.

What can I do ?


Make sure that the evidence you provided clearly shows the tracking and movement of the cameras from one fulfillment center to another. If there’s any additional information or documentation you can gather to support your case, include that as well.

If you’re not getting a satisfactory response from Amazon’s customer support, consider escalating the issue to a higher level of support or management. Sometimes, speaking to a supervisor or someone with more authority can help in resolving the problem.


Provide tracking and documentation that it was received. Then keep submitting cases until it gets resolved. They’re not willing to admit fault because it’s a large reimbursement.


Apart from creating cases in SC, contact Amazon twitter team and explain the situation …

Email the managing director !