Amazon Launch Prep

What would you do to optimize conditions for a successful Amazon launch with 2-3 months to prepare?

Launching an existing, decent sized brand ($5+ M/year) on Amazon in 2-3 months. We already have a pretty big email list, run all kinds of ads to our website and have people inhouse for most tasks.

We would love to give ourselves the absolute best conditions for a good launch. Open to pretty much any suggestions (review hacks according to TOS of course, link building to Amazon pages etc.)

Looking forward to your take on this.

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Get a handful of TikTok influencers. These days, marketing is done differently and it’s naturally looking ads that don’t look like ads that garners the greatest amount of attention.

Here’s a TikTok I made some time ago as an example:

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Thanks Kika.

Really looking to utilize these couple of months before we launch to do some prep-work (not logistics) and get the maximum out of this ‘‘waiting period’’.

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You are welcome, maybe @TarrantToolbox or @usmanyousaf112 or @Tim-PPC can advise with some more tips.

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I’m not your guy for PL, but we do our fair share of marketing for our Amazon listing and account maintenance services. Plus we sell courses on how to start an Amazon retail arbitrage business and use FB pages for this.

If you’re going to use Amazon as a storefront for your already established brand it shouldn’t be too difficult. You really want to make your storefront look good, plenty of free videos out there on this.

You also will need to do your research on making your listings look the best they can. Learn how to build a good listing.

If you can do 1 minute videos 3 times a day on tik tok to build an even bigger following that could help. Instagrams the same way. Then you just put your Amazon product page link out there everywhere you can. There is much more you can do to optimize your marketing of course, but that’s the gist of it really. Good luck with your launch!!

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