Amazon keeps rejecting my card

Hi everyone,

I’ve been trying to create a seller account for the past couple weeks, when I put in my card info for the monthly subscription, it’s says invalid card, it is a credit card, it’s a us bank cash+ visa,

I’ve also tried 3 other cards, I’ve looked on forums, youtube videos etc, but found nothing that helps, contacted amazon, but no response yet.

If anyone’s had this issue and fixed it help please.

Is the balance on the card sufficient? Sometimes this occurs frequently; you may need to try a different card. I’ve seen this happen before.

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Is it considered a prepaid debit card?

It needs to be a card linked to bank account or credit card

Not prepaid card

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Clear your browser cookies and refresh it. If you have valid card with balance in it. Then it should work.

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credit card

didn’t work

Not sure then. It should work. Maybe try again after some time

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I just resigned up under a different email and it worked, still waiting to get approved tho