Amazon keeps cancelling my removal orders

Hi wondering if someone can help. I’ve done numerous removal orders regarding 2 different listings.

But every removal order is saying ordered 3 cancelled 3…… why are they cancelling all my removal orders? I take it this means they are not being shipped out to me?


I am losing money due to this

When you place a removal order, Amazon attempts to remove the items from their fulfillment centers. If they are unable to locate the items, or if there are any issues, the removal order may show as “ordered” and then “cancelled.”

This could happen for various reasons, such as if the items were already removed, misplaced, or if there were issues with the removal process.

To address this issue and prevent any further loss, I’d recommend reaching out to Amazon Seller Support ASAP. They can investigate the specific circumstances behind these removal orders and help you understand why they’re getting canceled.

Make sure all your removal order details, such as the quantities and SKUs, are accurate to ensure a smoother process.


Have you tried again by changing your removal order shipping address?


I see that you are using the site.

Where are you removing your items to? If it is to Northern Ireland, this is why the orders are being cancelled. Amazon will not remove goods to NI. You need to find a GB address and get them sent to you separately.

If not to NI, then I’ve no idea, sorry.


I’ve had a similar problem to you. Mine haven’t been cancelled but are still pending since May.

I’ve contacted seller support on the phone and they are doing an investigation.

1 of my items are in all different locations, so they are having to track them down.

The other they are unable to find the reason. But they are supposedly doing an investigation to find them all.

I would suggest contacting seller support on the phone. Give all the different request IDs and include the FSKUs for them, as well as the name of each item and the numbers you are requesting be returned to you.

If you have contacted them before and they didn’t give any information to you, then definitely contact them again asking them to open An investigation.